My new series is called The I.O.M. about a group of military convicts who escape from prison and start a mercenary organization.

Issue #1. Najeed Singh, a boring accountant is implicated in an airport bombing and is incarcerated illegally in a Military Prison holding some of the worst criminals in the United States military.
Issue #2. The prisoners of the military prison have broken free and are trying to escape.
Issue #3. Najeed and the other prisoners escape over the border into Mexico. The CIA agent responsible for the prison starts to clean up the mess.
Issue #4. A Mexican special Intelligence agent, Sylvia, recruits the prisoners to help them in their war on drugs. The prisoners begin a training regime to get themselves ready to fight.
Issue #5. Fang and the Mexican Intelligence team learn of a target of opportunity and meet a contact who gives them the information they need to raid it.
Issue #6. The I.O.M. team attack their first target a drug redistribution facility.
Issue #7. The I.O.M. continue their attacks on Los Serpientos operations.
Issue #8. With American civilians being killed in Mexico by Los Serpientos, the CIA decides to eliminate the prisoners who are working for the Mexican government.
Issue #9. The CIA Kill squad Black Seven bring the I.O.M. members to their base and chase down Agent Talon for setting them up.
Issue #10. The I.O.M. brace the first death in their organization and prepare their next attack on Los Serpientos. Sylvia confronts her sister to find out why those in the I.O.M. want her head.
Issue #11. While Miguel and Carlos try to find out some information about the Wild Ones Cartel, the rest of the I.O.M. crew attack the Countessa in her bunker fortress.
Issue #12. Miguel has been captured by the Wild Ones Cartel, but the I.O.M. team learns of the location and launches a drastic rescue attempt.

Here are my old diostories from 10 years ago, the pictures are not of great quality, but hopefully you find the story passable. 

The Joes thought they were safe to go on vacation, but they were wrong, dead wrong

The Joes are doing some recon on an upcoming Cobra Attack

The recon mission went horribly wrong and now the Joes are on the run with Cobra forces close behind them.

The Joe recon team makes it back to their main defence line and prepare for the upcoming onslaught.


  The Cobra's call in some air support to help them defeat the Joes.

With casualties on both sides, the Cobra attack starts to stall, but are their enough Joes to hold the line?

Night falls on the small town and Cobra moves in another unit by ship.


  The Joes hold their own against the Cobra attack

The battle may be won, but some of the Joes aren't satisfied letting Cobra off so easy.