My series is called The I.O.M. about a group of military convicts who escape from prison and start a mercenary organization.

Part 1: Mexico


 Issue #1. Najeed Singh, a boring accountant is implicated in an airport bombing and is incarcerated illegally in a Military Prison holding some of the worst criminals in the United States military.

Issue #2. The prisoners of the military prison have broken free and are trying to escape.

 Issue #3. Najeed and the other prisoners escape over the border into Mexico. The CIA agent responsible for the prison starts to clean up the mess.

 Issue #4. A Mexican special Intelligence agent, Sylvia, recruits the prisoners to help them in their war on drugs. The prisoners begin a training regime to get themselves ready to fight.

   Issue #5. Fang and the Mexican Intelligence team learn of a target of opportunity and meet a contact who gives them the information they need to raid it.

  Issue #6. The I.O.M. team attack their first target a drug redistribution facility.

 Issue #7. The I.O.M. launch three lightning attacks on Muerte Azul operations, but their actions do not go unnoticed.  

 Issue #8. With American civilians being killed in Mexico by Muerte Azul, the CIA decides to eliminate the prisoners who are working for the Mexican government.

 Issue #9. The CIA Kill squad Black Seven bring the I.O.M. members to their base and chase down Agent Talon for setting them up.

 Issue #10. The I.O.M. brace the first death in their organization and prepare their next attack on Muerte Azul. Sylvia confronts her sister to find out why those in the I.O.M. want her head. 

 Issue #11. While Miguel and Carlos try to find out some information about the Wild Ones Cartel, the rest of the I.O.M. crew attack the Countessa in her bunker fortress.

 Issue #12. Miguel has been captured by the Wild Ones Cartel, but the I.O.M. team learns of the location and launches a drastic rescue attempt.

Part 2: Colombia

 Issue #13. The I.O.M. consider Wolf's offer to work in Colombia. We also learn the history of Fang and Wolf's relationship back when they were both in the CIA.
 Issue #14. The new recruits arrive at the I.O.M. base in Mexico and start their training for the upcoming mission to Colombia
 Issue #15. The I.O.M. recruits continue their training in preparation for the mission to Colombia. Some are handling the training better than others.
 Issue #16. Training for the I.O.M. recruits comes to a close as the contract to deploy to Colombia arrives. The intelligence team set up a safe house in Bogota while the bulk of the I.O.M. force arrive at an isolated airfield.
 Issue #17. The I.O.M. arrive in Colombia, only the airfield has been mysteriously abandoned. The I.O.M. team search for clues as to what happened.
 Issue #18. The intelligence team look into who the mysterious masked man is that is currently in charge of Muerte Azul. While Bob and his team deploy into the jungle to look for drug production facilities.
 Issue #19. Bob and his Alpha team are deployed on a Long Range Recon Patrol to a part of the Colombian jungle where drug laboratories are suspected to reside.
 Issue #20. Part 1 of 3. The I.O.M. base at the Colombian Airport comes under attack from a combined P.F.F. and Muerte Azul force.

Issue #21. Part 2 of 3. The I.O.M. base at the Colombian Airport is under attack from a combined P.F.F. and Muerte Azul force and the IOM team do everything they can to stay alive.

 Issue #22. Part 3 of 3. The I.O.M. base at the Colombian Airport is under attack from a combined P.F.F. and Muerte Azul force. Bob's Alpha team returns back to the area and helps to turn the tide of the battle.
 Issue #23. The I.O.M. clean up the airfield in the aftermath of the attack on the airport, while the intelligence team go on their first undercover mission to find out who the leader of Muerte Azul is.
 Issue #24. Jeff's Bravo team prepares to go on a Long Range Recon Patrol into enemy territory. While the intelligence team in Bogota continue their surveillance of Juan/Ramon.
 Issue #25. Sipihiwe and Charlie team deploy to a small village on the Rio Guaviare to get the locals to help in protecting the town against PFF influence. While in Bogota the intelligence team interrupt a meeting between the Muerte Azul and the PFF that would smooth over the tensions between the two groups.
 Issue #26. Jeff and the Charlie team conduct their long range recon patrol to scout out Muerte Azul bases only to discover that the PFF is planning a large operation. The small village on the Rio Guaviare is reinforced in preparation for an attack.
 Issue #27. The intelligence team in Bogota continue their surveillance on Juan and catch him make a secret meeting with a member of the Morales Cartel. Annette, the daughter of the Countessa, decides it time to take control of Muerte Azul and a Morales contact reaches out to the I.O.M. to ensure that a war between the two cartels happens.
 Issue #28. Jeff and his Bravo team continue their LRRP waiting for the oncoming PFF force. While in Bogota, Sylvia launches an attack with the Intel team against the Russian Mafia’s headquarters hoping to provoke a war between the Morales Cartel and Muerte Azul.
 Issue #29. The PFF launch their attack to capture the bridge over the Rio Guaviare. Siphiwe and her team do everything they can do hold their position and to protect the nearby village. The new Countessa of Muerte Azul tries to get over the bridge from the opposite side so she can retake her territory.
 Issue #30. Giant Sized Annual Issue. The I.O.M. close in on the last members of the PFF while the Countessa gathers togethers her followers. While at the airport, the I.O.M. team are visited by Flight 714 who has a new job offer for them.

Part 3: Venezuela

 Issue #31. We learn the real reason for why Chris and Fang were imprisoned and the of the CIA's relationship with the company funding the Venezuela operation.
 Issue #32. The I.O.M. set themselves up in their new base on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. The whole organization is centralized in one place while they prepare for what's next.
 Issue #33. The new recruits arrive at the IOM Base on the Colombian-Venezueland border and begin their training.
 Issue #34. The I.O.M. Intelligence team make their way to the CIA safehouse in Venezuela only to find a familiar face is their CIA handler. The intelligence team also observe their targets for the upcoming mission.
 Issue #35. Jeff and his team deploy over the border into Venezuela to start looking for PFF bases only to discover that the PFF are working with the Russian special forces unit called Spetsnaz.
 Issue #36. Sabastian puts together his Foxtrot team made up of new recruits. They are immediately sent off on their first mission to take out one of the PFF/Spetsnaz bases. Will their baptism of blood be a success or failure?
 Issue #37. Sabastian and his Foxtrot team track down the last of the PFF forces and ambush them. While in Venezuela the Intelligence team observe and collect intel.
 Issue #38. Sabastian and his Foxtrot team return from their mission in Venezuela. Sabastian and the other team leaders then meet to discuss the large upcoming mission in Venezeula.
 Issue #39. The intelligence learn of an opportunity to take out their target while he's visiting his mistress. With a date set The IOM prepare their assault. The intelligence team take out the radar dishes and SAM sites protecting Caracas from aerial infiltration.
 Issue #40. The operation in Venezuela begins. The teams move into position, the first being Foxtrot, which paradrops onto their landing zone.
 Issue #41. Raf and Roger are lost and try to find out where they are. Other teams start to move on their targets such as Siphiwe's Charlie team which strikes the Police Station in Macuto.
 Issue #42. Teams Delta and Bravo arrive in Venezuela and start to move towards their objective. Carlos watches the mistress to ensure that Chavez keeps his appointment.
 Issue #43. The attack that The IOM had been planning for weeks comes to fruition. Bob's Alpha team strikes at Chavez's mansion.
 Issue #44. Monica tries to complete what Alpha team started, while Raf and Roger try to find their way to safety.
 Issue #45. Bravo team finishes their mission and head back to their pickup point, but getting back to the Sacramento won't be as easy for them as they've planned.
 Issue #46. Alpha Team returns to the USS Sacramento but Daemon is in a bad way. Without Cade, Bianca isn't sure she can save him. Chris sends out Bob and Diana to rescue the remnants of Bravo team.
 Issue #47. Bravo team is rescued by Angie while Diana and Bob lay down cover. Meanwhile the operation in Venezuela has wrapped up and the teams are heading north to Macuto for extraction. The attacks have not gone unnoticed and the Venezuelans have set up several roadblocks to stop them.

Here are my old diostories from 10 years ago, the pictures are not of great quality, but hopefully you find the story passable. 

Old GI Joe Dios
Trouble in Paradise_Page_01

The Joes thought they were safe to go on vacation, but they were wrong, dead wrong

Back to the Wall Pt. 3_Page_01

The Joe recon team makes it back to their main defence line and prepare for the upcoming onslaught.


Night falls on the small town and Cobra moves in another unit by ship.


The Joes are doing some recon on an upcoming Cobra Attack


  The Cobra's call in some air support to help them defeat the Joes.


  The Joes hold their own against the Cobra attack

Back to the Wall Pt. 2_Page_01

The recon mission went horribly wrong and now the Joes are on the run with Cobra forces close behind them.

Back to the Wall Pt. 5_Page_01

With casualties on both sides, the Cobra attack starts to stall, but are their enough Joes to hold the line?


The battle may be won, but some of the Joes aren't satisfied letting Cobra off so easy.