The Jason's Kitchen Miniature house set was my second foray into the do it yourself dollhouse kits. This one seemed to match the dimensions of 1:18 figures (which it does) so I thought I would get it next.

The kits themselves don't seem like much when you first get the box, as you just get a collection of pieces. With this set I liked the look of the stove, table and stools. The stools did end up being a little too high for 1:18 scale figures though you can kind of tell that from the picture since the seat and the table are nearly the same height


I didn't put the window part together since I wanted to use the piece as an interior scene and none of the cardboard houses I have would make the window look right, all in all I think the scene fits. You can see that the counter is the proper height for the 1:18 figures. This was in Issue 26 of the IOM, where they arrive at a small village and use the kitchen as a makeshift surgery room.



Here's a closer look at the shelves and counter. There's a great lot of detail in these kits, there's no bare walls or empty shelves. I always do a bit of custom tweaking, you'll notice there's a Peacekeeper Elite chair over in the corner, but it doesn't look too out of place. I didn't do a great job with the cutlery as you can see, but I have yet to come across a good looking 1:18 scale kitchen knife.



Here's another picture with a different camera and a different angle. You can see the stove and sink here along with the tea cup and plate. The tea cup can be held by the 1:18 figures too. Also you'll see the stools are a little shorter I did have to trim their legs off to get the proper fit. I don't know how that was supposed to work with 1:24 scale since their legs would be even shorter.


All in all I would say that this kit is good if you want a kitchen. The one big downside to this kit is that it doesn't come with a fridge, most kitchens in this century have a kit. There were lights that you could add, but I didn't bother this time around since it was part of the window frame. The instructions around those lights still aren't great if you aren't familiar with heat shrink wrap you may not know that you can just use a lighter to generate enough heat to cause it to shrivel up, just don't get the flame too close.


I'd like to think my skills in this kit got a little better than the last, but it's still pretty amateurish so this is probably the worse you could make it look. For some reason in this kit they didn't supply as much of the clear glue, so you may find it good to buy another thing of glue, even something simple like white glue, as there are a lot of paper bits to put together that don't need the silicone glue.


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