I didn’t take any pictures of the early stage of making the bush, but what I did was cut a wire mesh in a strange shape and then put plaster on it. I used the wire mesh that is used in repairing screens. I had to put plaster on one side then let it dry then did the other side. It did stick to the newspaper that I used, so one could use paper as part of its construction. I then painted the plaster a dark green, but I wasn’t satisfied to leave it there.

So I poured some white glue onto the bushes, then I stuck on this moss stuff that I found at a dollar store. Though they didn’t stick on very well.

So I put on even more glue. I put some on the sides hoping that gravity would pull the glue down and then did the same for the tops. There were still some loose pieces. Perhaps if you had that spray glue you might have better luck than me. This moss stuff did last, but pieces still fall off it.

Here’s a bag of the moss I got, a pretty good deal for a dollar. Probably not available in all dollar stores, maybe you could find it in craft stores or just go harvest it from nature? Here’s the completed version. It does look a little odd, but it gets the job done.