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If you are waiting on Issue 42, you may have a bit of a wait. I’ve started to do a series of rewrites on my issues (just finished Issue 19). Once I’m done I will continue again. I haven’t really been able to take more photos due to my ‘work’ area not being able to ….  Read More

A Year of Diostories


I restarted my site a little over a year ago, as a place to host my table top game, but I also started a diostory series called The I.O.M. Which is about a group of military prisoners who escape to Mexico from a secret prison and start their own mercenary company. I have finished the ….  Read More

Welcome All


Hi everyone and welcome to my rebuilt site. I’ve included information about the Way of War Game I’m also working on an ongoing Diostory series called The I.O.M. (International Organization for Mercenaries), which you can find under the Diostory tab at the top I am slowly including some reviews, I’ve recently been buying these vehicles ….  Read More